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"I've never had a hospital visit that was just so 'easy' as Gila Regional made it for me, and everyone was wonderful!"
~ From follow-up phone call on 7-17, patient was discharged on 7-13-2013

"Everything was just fantastic, the nurses and CNA/techs took care of everything and made me feel like a king!"
~ From follow-up phone call on 7-16, patient was discharged on 7-12-2013

"Everyone we encountered went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for, they were all very caring and very proffessional!"
~ From follow-up phone call on 7-16, patient was discharged on 7-12-2013


"I had great teamwork from the nurses to anesthesiology, to the doctor & recovery... GREAT JOB!!!"
~ 2012 Surgical Center Patient Survey

"I was informed, put at ease, and cared for by a large team of really good people, in a supportive environment."
~ 2012 Surgical Center Patient Survey

"When it came time for my colonoscopy, I said I’m going to Gila Regional where they treat you like a real person!"
~ 2012 Surgical Center Patient Survey


Words are inadequate to express the gratitude we as a family feel about the quality of medical, social, and even further, spiritual assistance your fantastic (Hospice) team offered us. My dear sweet mother, Josephine B. Flores, is scheduled to be admitted to Ft. Bayard tomorrow and we are heavy hearted as this new phase begins, although we understand it is in her best interest to be cared for by the professional staff at Ft. Bayard. Had it not been for the absolute professional guidance and unconditional support we got from Dr. Arizaga, Margie, Laurie, Judy D., Tyler, Dave and Carmen we would have continued to feel lost and overwhelmed. We felt you were always accessible and returned calls promptly and beyond that, were caring in your assistance to our precious little mother and to us, her caretakers, who felt war tom and exhausted. Please continue your good works as new families benefit from your team commitment to delivering quality care.
-- Sent by a patient's family, June 2011

"GRMC is the Best. Everyone was very good to me. Thank God. A very good experience." - 6/2011

"I loved the area (room) around me. It was very comfortable." - 6/2011

"My hospitalist listened to my complaints much better than my own physician." - 6/2011

"The Labor and Nursery nurses or team were awesome; really happy." - 6/2011

"I felt I was in very good hands. I don't think the nurses ever saw anyone 97 yrs. old before. Sometimes there would be 4 in my room at once -- very friendly. Thanks." - 6/2011


"I had excellent care - Special Care Unit - Excellent. Excellent nursing staff overall. Nursing staff at Gila Regional go beyond their duties."
~ 12/2010 Hospital Survey

"I had wonderful care and treatment from everyone. It was a very friendly and professional atmosphere." - 10/2010

Excellent nursing care, I will never forget Collin Sharp, Amy Arceno or Kacy Aguirre. I was so sick & they were wonderful. Wonderful nursing care, great pt. techs + plus..." 8/2010

I wanted to pass this on to you... I went through a colonoscopy last Friday. Dr. Williams was my anesthesiologist and Dr. Lente performed the surgery. I explained to both my irrational fear of "going under" and the desire to watch the procedure. Both were very receptive, as was the staff in the ER to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Williams gave me just enough medication so that I was able to comfortably watch about 3/4th of the procedure. The nursing staff moved the monitor to the opposite side of the table so I could watch the procedure comfortably. Dr. Lente answered my questions calmly during the procedure. My trust in them grew out of their receptiveness to my requests and concerns. I was then comfortable knowing that if I needed more medication, I'd be OK under Dr. Williams' care. What usually is viewed as an "unwanted" procedure, turned out to be a very positive experience. As a caregiver myself, I personally experienced PATIENT-CENTERED CARE!!!

-- Sent by a staff member, March 2010


"I was recently a patient in our wonderful facility and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in my care, starting with check-in at the Surgical Center, to pre-op, anesthesiology, surgical unit, post-op, and then inpatient care for 3 days on Pod 1. I appreciated the caring and professional attitudes and the attentiveness of my caregivers in each and every step of the process.

After my discharge, I was attended to at home by our Home Health, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments for the first 3 weeks of my recovery, and was treated with the utmost care and respect. When I was well enough to attend outpatient physical therapy at the Wellness Center, I received the same high level of care and treatment. I would be remiss if I failed to include Administration, HR, Dietary, and all of the other administrative caregivers who supported and encouraged me while I was off work. This would be a very long missive if I were to mention the names of every person who I came into contact with throughout my hospital stay and recovery so I will just say "thank you from the bottom of my heart" to all concerned. Having experienced first-hand what a great organization we have makes me very proud to be affiliated with GRMC." ~ Sent by a staff member, November 2009

"The care I received far extended my expectations. I am a nurse from New Jersey Hospital. Gila Regional is an excellent hospital - My care was exemplary. The nurses were exceptional. Even the housekeeper cared how I felt & the foot massage was a dream come true after surgery. You have much to be proud of. Thank you!"~ 11/2009 Hospital Survey


Dear nursing staff, tech staff, respiratory staff, vampires, housekeeping and whomever I received care from:

Thanks to the many of you for all the much needed care during my visit. If I hadn't been so sick, I would have thought I was in a resort spa! So many of you went out of your way to be concerned and truthfully, that helps a person heal. My kitties and dog were so happy I came home and now of course they won't let me out of their sight! Thanks again.
~ Sent by a recent patient, October 2008

Dear Gila Regional Caregivers,

I just wanted to tell you that we work for a great hospital. My wife had a endoscopic surgery done yesterday. Looking from the outside in, our fellow caregivers are great. It was a wonderful experience. we were treated with great care and compassion. The team all the way from registration, pre-op, anesthesia, surgery, and recovery did a great job. It make me proud to work here with these individuals.
~ Sent by a GRMC Caregiver, October 2008

Dear Gila Regional Caregivers, etc.

During my hospital stay, the second day the young woman that cleaned my room gave me a card. After I returned home I received a thank you card signed by several of the employees. I thought both were very nice gestures. Tell them to keep up the good work.
~ Sent by a recent patient, October 2008

Dear Gila Regional Caregivers,

Thanks to all who helped get Mom to one of the best neuron hospitals so quickly. Despite the size of her bleed, she is doing well. They cannot find the source of the bleed, so she hasn't undergone surgery and we're unsure of when she can come home. Thanks again for your excellent care and comforting words.
~ Sent by a recent patient's care partner, October 2008