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Desert Sages

We believe families, friends and loved ones are vital to the healing process

Desert Sages: The Only Club in Town with a 50 Year Waiting List

Desert Sages are VIPs at Gila Regional. You have earned the right to be an important part of our facility! The only requirement to enroll as a Desert Sage is to be at least 50 years young.

Benefits of Membership in GRMC's Desert Sages program:

  • VIP Status for all GRMC events
  • Personal Invitations to all Health Talks and Health Fairs
  • Quarterly health related mailings
  • Waived sign-up fee for membership to Gila Regional's Billy Casper Wellness Center
  • Good Health Newsletter quarterly subscription

What is Desert Sages?
Desert Sages is a health and social group designed especially for New Mexicans age 50 and above. Gila Regional Medical Center offers you opportunities to learn about health issues through Health Talks.

I already have friends. Why should I join?
Studies have shown that people who stay physically and mentally active lead healthier, happier lives. Your friends may not share all of your interests. We'll find some other Desert Sages who would like to join you.

You offer a lot, is it expensive?
NO! For only $10 a year you get everything mentioned above. Can't afford it? We will find you a confidential sponsor.

Call 575-538-4870 for more information or e-mail the coordinator.

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