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Nurse Advice Line 1-877-725-2552

This FREE service offered by the University of New Mexico enables residents of GRMC's service area-Grant, Hidalgo, Luna and Catron counties-to place a call any time of the day or night to get advice from a nurse.

Area residents can call 1-877-725-2552 when they need advice from a nurse who is familiar with local resources. That nurse will provide nurse triage services using standardized computer software protocols developed in compliance with nationally recognized telephone triage guidelines.

For example, if an infant woke up crying in the middle of the night with a temperature, a call to Nurse Advice would result in a nurse asking questions, and helping the parent determine whether the infant should be brought into the emergency room, or, if not, what measures the parent might take to bring down the infant's temperature. Or, if someone had a bite that they thought was from a spider, they could call the service, and the nurse would be able to tell the patient what to do.

New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center 24/7
HELP LINE 1-800-222-1222