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Racer’s Safety Focus of GRMC EMS Team at Tour of the Gila

Scram Team and Gila Regional EMS Ambulance
Team SRAM was the major sponsor of the 2010 Tour of the Gila. Gila Regional EMS teams organized the plan that covered the racers safety during the tour.
During the Tour of the Gila, the racers safety will be the focus of Gila Regional Medical Center Emergency Medical Services. It takes 17 different county and city departments along with other municipal fire department EMTs and vehicles working together to ensure the race has full medical coverage.

“There are a total of 7 races in the Tour of the Gila and each has an ambulance following. Plus there are 2 more ambulances dedicated to serving race spectators,” stated Rob Ramirez of GRMC EMS.

During the 5 days of racing, there will be a team of 9 ambulances, 3 Polaris "Rhino" ATVs, 26 EMT's and Paramedics, 10 Volunteer Fire Departments, 8 nurses, 2 doctors, 2 P.A.s, and 2 to 3 first aid stations. “The majority of these health care workers are volunteering their services to cover this two county race,” Don McNutt, Director of Gila Regional’s EMS Services said, “ We have ‘all hands on deck’ for this event.”

Donated assistance from outside Grant County includes 3 staffed ambulances from ELITE medical transport and 1 staffed ambulance from Deming Fire Department.

The aid stations will be located at the finish lines. The Rhino's will be used at the finish lines to get through the crowds. There are no base camps. EMS crews will be briefed every morning at 06:30 as to the day’s events and assignments. New Mexico Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been brought in to assist with communications. Aid tents will be at the finish lines. We also have Southwest MedEvac dedicating a helicopter for the race.

We are proud of our EMS system and the role that Gila Regional Medical Center plays in its delivery,” stated Brian Bentley, Chief Executive Officer at Gila Regional Medical Center. “But it is these volunteers that are the back bone of our system.”