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Gila Regional Medical Center

1313 E 32nd Street
Silver City, New Mexico 88061

Phone: (575) 538-4000
Fax (575) 538-9714

Planetree Services

If you have small children with you:

  • A children's play area is located on the second floor Laboratory/Radiology waiting area.
  • The courtyard found at the center of Gila Regional is a great place to run off some youthful energy.
  • Televisions are located in all large lounge areas.
  • The Gila Regional Auxiliary Gift Shop just inside the front entrance offers some options for entertaining little ones. Hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • There are changing tables for diapering in the women's restroom

If you are hungry or thirsty:

  • Gila Regional offers the Courtyard Cafe on the first floor serving everything from light snacks to full meals. We offer a wide array of excellent food.
  • Hours of Operation are: 7-10 a.m., 11-2 p.m., 4-6:30 p.m.
  • There are vending machines on the first floor just across from the Gift Shop and on the second floor right by the elevators near surgery.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed:

  • Walk Rotary Peace Garden and Labyrinth located in our Courtyard to help yourself unwind and re-energize.
  • Have a seat in the Courtyard, listen to the birds, feel the breeze, smell the grass and let go of your stress.
  • In the labor/delivery, surgery center, emergency department and Home Care Services department you will find "Family Rooms" that give you space to make the important decisions as a family.
  • Walk our nature trail that winds the campus of Gila Regional

If you need to check your email, blog or surf our health library:

  • Gila Regional Medical Center offers Free WiFi throughout the hospital. Framed WiFi posters located in all the waiting areas and cafeteria provide the current passwords.
  • Create a blog about your healthcare journey. <link to patient blog page>

If you are in need of spiritual guidance:

  • Gila Regional Medical Center offers you a sanctuary and chapel on the second floor. Feel free to go there to pray, meditate, gather strength or just sit somewhere quiet.
  • A chaplain is available to assist you. Call 538-4000 ext. 3061 or page 388-7048.

If you need a gift, card, book or just a break:

  • Gila Regional's Auxiliary operates a Gift Shop on the first floor just inside the front entrance. Hours of operation are: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Watch for other Complimentary Therapies:

  • Gila Regional offers pet therapy. Specially trained and certified dogs visit patients and visitors in our facility to help people feel more relaxed and at home.
  • Our Care Clowns periodically visit hospital guests and patients periodically to spread smiles and laughter.
  • Aromatherapy in the waiting areas created by baking bread or cookies; when volunteers are available.
  • Random acts of kindness are performed throughout the hospital. Watch for a massage therapist, a finger nail specialist, or a musician performing.

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative -- Hold Me Close!Gila Regional is working to be part of a program happening all over the world called the

Baby-Friendly Health Initiative

A Baby-Friendly(TM) Hospital does all it can to help you:

-- to start and keep on breastfeeding your baby

-- to safely make and feed your baby formula, if you cannot breastfeed

Find out more