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Patient-Centered Care

Gila Regional Cancer Center

Skill to Heal | Close to Home

Physician Specialists of the New Mexico Cancer Center available in the healing environment of Gila Regional.

You avoid the stress and expense of extended travel and benefit from the comfort of home, family and friends.

Chemotherapy and State-of-the-Art Radiology

  • The Cancer Center maintains staff of three medical oncologists/hematologists from the New Mexico Cancer Center who provide a around 12 to 16 clinics per month and two radiation oncologists who provide weekly clinic services.
  • Additions to the team include two full-time radiation therapists who provided daily radiation treatments for our patients, and a physicist that makes weekly visits to the center.
  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and imaging services set in a patient-centered environment.
  • We can provide you with a list of resources that address the emotional and social effects of cancer. We can connect you to our patient navigator program that can help you coordinate your care.
  • The patient navigators or the Cancer Center caregivers can assist you with a review of your insurance information and suggest sources of financial assistance, like the Grant County Health Plan or a list of national sources. GRMC Auxiliary offers a Lunch Program for patients during their treatments that are unable to purchase food.

For information about on the Gila Regional Cancer Center and its line of services, call 575/538-4009.

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Gila Regional Cancer Center Staff

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