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Letters About GRMC Hospice

Letters from Community Groups

"Siri Khalsa gave a presentation to Chapter AG P.E.O. about the hospice program at Gila Regional Medical Center. She projected an impression of optimism, hope and acceptance in facing the loss of a loved one. ...I wish to thank both Siri and you for allowing such community outreach so that we better understand what is available to us."

Letters from Our Patients & Volunteers

"Chris [McIntosh] embodies the highest standards of the counseling profession and her caring presence is valued by patients, family members, bereaved community members who seek her assistance in working through their grief and loss, as well as by other members of the Hospice team."

"The quality of Hospice volunteers is such that they are willing to attend a four week certification class and open their hearts. To do hospice work means being willing to face one's own mortality, over and over again, to face loss over and over again, to be willing to open oneself to the unknown over and over again."

"There are not enough words I can say about the hospice volunteer program we have now."

Patients and Their Families

"It was evident that the [Gila Regional] Hospice workers took special care to see far beyond the physical needs of each patient. There was nothing remotely institutional about these men and women - there was just a lot of human warmth, which is probably what most of us need more than anything else."

"We wish to send you a thank you for the help you gave to our mother while she was ill. Everyone was so good to her….Everyone was involved in helping mother go through this process with compassion, and compassionate handling of mom's every need."

"After fifteen months of walking on without my beloved, there continues to be such a warm feeling and deep appreciation for help received from Hospice-everyone was so wonderful!... Hospice has been a part of my life for over 30 years-always a blessing in every way-a big thank you to all."

"What a wonderful group of caregivers. I admire your willingness to do such a difficult job so graciously."

"Dear Angels of Mercy: We would like to thank all of you for all the loving care you gave to our beautiful mother."

"I can't begin to thank you all for your kindness, support, and sympathy during our time of need. Hospice staff is the best. You've all gone out of your way to help us through our hard time. I tell everyone how fantastic Hospice and its staff are."

"I thank all of you so much. Your support got me through this. All of you are so special…. You will always have a special place in my heart."

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative -- Hold Me Close!Gila Regional is working to be part of a program happening all over the world called the

Baby-Friendly Health Initiative

A Baby-Friendly(TM) Hospital does all it can to help you:

-- to start and keep on breastfeeding your baby

-- to safely make and feed your baby formula, if you cannot breastfeed

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