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GRMC Hospice Medical Director:
Jennifer Agosta M.D.

Jennifer Agosta, M.D., GRMC Hospice Medical Director

Dr. Jennifer Agosta became Gila Regional Medical Center Hospice Medical Director in late May 2012, replacing Dr. Gilbert Arizaga after his service of 20 plus years.

In addition to being our Medical Director, Dr. Agosta maintains her practice at Silver Health Care where she specializes in Internal Medicine. She also has a background in complementary medicine and holistic health that she adds to her practice, and has developed a cooperative vegetable and herbal "domed garden" located behind Silver Health Care's Family Clinic.

The Medical Director's responsibility is to oversee the medical aspect of hospice and to work in collaboration with our patients' primary care providers, when needed. The Medical Director and the primary physician are responsible for certifying that the patient meets the hospice criteria for admission.

Dr. Agosta is available to consult for hospice patients' medical emergencies and after-hour medical requirements. Every two weeks hospice patients' needs are reviewed by the hospice interdisciplinary team and Dr. Agosta, and a patient-care plan is developed.  She adds her expertise to the hospice teams' knowledge-base, ensuring that our hospice patients are given the best Palliative Care (comfort care) possible. 

Dr. Agosta's service with GRMC's hospice program is very much appreciated.

The GRMC Hospice Team

  • Your Health Care Provider
  • Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) provide skilled nursing care specializing in pain and symptom control.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants help the patient with personal care, bathing, and grooming.
  • Licensed Medical Social Workers are skilled problem-solvers. They help find specific services for patients and caregivers.
  • Our Ordained Chaplains work with your spiritual caregiver, priest, pastor, or guide.
  • Certified Bereavement Counselor follows up with the family and caregivers for one year after the death.
  • Homemakers perform light housekeeping chores.
  • Certified Hospice Volunteers -- Become a Volunteer.

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative -- Hold Me Close!Gila Regional is working to be part of a program happening all over the world called the

Baby-Friendly Health Initiative

A Baby-Friendly(TM) Hospital does all it can to help you:

-- to start and keep on breastfeeding your baby

-- to safely make and feed your baby formula, if you cannot breastfeed

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