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Gila Regional's Medical Records or Health Information Management (HIM) department employs transcriptionists, coders, scanners and medical records file clerks to transcribe, code and file patient "history and physical" notes, progress notes, radiology notes, operative notes, and discharge notes, and place them in patient files.

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Medical Records / Health Information Management Department:

  • Office Hours: Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (MST)
  • Phone: 575-538-4108
  • Fax: 575-538-4114
  • Office Location: Enter at the Visitor Entrance (Canopy) at Gila Regional Medical Center, from the First Floor lobby, go left and the Medical Records office is next to Infusion Services.

How to Get Copies

If you need a copy of your medical records, or some portion of them, you need to come in person to the Gila Regional Medical Records / HIM Office and sign a release -- download the PDF Health Information Release form.

  • Bring a picture ID with you
  • Allow about 15 minutes for the materials you have requested to be found and copied.

Patients who are homebound may send a written note signed by the patient and a witness, in order to enable someone other than the patient to pick up the patient's medical records.

Physicians and other healthcare providers who call for patient records in order to ensure continuum of care are automatically faxed or e-mailed a copy of the requested materials.

For Your Baby

When your baby is born at Gila Regional Medical Center you will be provided the paperwork for registering your baby's name and an application for a social security number. Get a head start by downloading a form and bringing it filled out with you to the hospital! (This Form is temporarily not available online, sorry.)