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Gila Regional Medical Center

1313 E 32nd Street
Silver City, New Mexico 88061

Phone: (575) 538-4000
Fax (575) 538-9714

Music is healing

Planetree Volunteers

  • Pet Therapy - Dogs with owners who visit patients. Training program for dogs available through Pet Therapies, Inc.
  • Pastoral Care - Offer the listening ear families need during transitional times
  • Music - Singing or playing an instrument
  • Aromatherapy - Baking bread, popping popcorn or baking cookies
  • Librarian for Community Health Library
  • Share a special talent like nail polishing, labyrinth facilitation, or gardening
Our process to get you started includes an interview, orientation, and training. Contact our Planetree Director at 575-538-4148 for information and to receive an application. Make a difference in a patient's life! 

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative -- Hold Me Close!Gila Regional is working to be part of a program happening all over the world called the

Baby-Friendly Health Initiative

A Baby-Friendly(TM) Hospital does all it can to help you:

-- to start and keep on breastfeeding your baby

-- to safely make and feed your baby formula, if you cannot breastfeed

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