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We Are Gila Regional

Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) is our County owned hospital. We are 4-Star in Quality rated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and we have some of the best technology in our area. This is what GRMC offers, but what are we really? The answer, GRMC is comprised of people.

We recently launched a new campaign titled "We Are Gila Regional". This campaign is not about equipment, it is about how we as a community are all part of Gila Regional. GRMC is the second largest employer in Grant County, so we all probably know someone that works here, or is married or related to someone that does. As patients, at some point we will go to our hospital for care. I know I have, and I have always been treated well. I take pride in our hospital and you should too.

The trend in healthcare is rapidly growing toward large corporate owned networks of hospitals. Smaller hospitals are being absorbed by larger ones so they can feed them with patients. Gila Regional is County owned and run by the Board of Trustees appointed by the County Commissioners. We can design our care to taylor the needs of our community, and not march to the beat of a corporate drum.

I hear the rumors about GRMC potentially being sold, and if I am hearing them, I am sure you are too. The fact is, those rumors are nothing but gossip. GRMC is not being sold, in fact we are getting better daily (more like monthly and quarterly when the reports come out, but every day contributes to those numbers). We started out 2017 in the red but the past 2 months have been break even months. Granted, breaking even means that all the bills are paid but it does not allow for reinvestment capital, but at least we are not in the red. Back in the black is a good thing.

So what does the future hold? It is hard to say, with the ACA going away and a replacement plan not fully prepared to take it's place. I doubt it will get easier, but for GRMC, we are bending the financial curve back into the positive. Major (and expensive) projects are coming to a close, we are reducing the number of costly contract travelling nurses and moving toward a locally staffed workforce and we currently have no outstanding debt. It does not mean we are out of the water, but we are definiately keeping our head above. Reimbursements continue to be a challenge, but we are getting more efficient at collecting the dollars we are owed for services from insurance companies. The way is being paved for success by a lot of hard work, but it will take time and there are a lot of unknown variables out there yet to come to light. I have faith in the people that serve our community at Gila Regional. At the end of the day (figuratively speaking) GRMC will be fine.

Gila Regional is still OUR County owned hospital and that is something to be proud of. We are connected as a community and everything we do touches so many lives. We strive to be the best we can be at what we do, and that focus is on you, our patients, family, friends, veterans, co-workers and community. We are Gila Regional and Gila Regional is you.

Thank you,

Joe Kellerman
Gila Regional Director of Marketing

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