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Gila Regional Confirms Ebola Plan Being Tested

Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) has plans in place to deal with Ebola and other infectious diseases that may present at the hospital.

Emergency Room Director, Angie Zimbelman, said the procedures, based on CDC guidelines, are being reviewed as new information becomes available. "Our procedures will be tested and our staff trained to care for patients in a safe manner, including the use of personal protective clothing and the procedure required to isolate a suspected patient," stated Zimbelman. "Training is vital to the success of any protocol, we fully understand the importance of this step," stated Zimbelman.

GRMC Chief Executive Officer, Brian Cunningham, indicated that these procedures are meant to ensure our caregivers and communities are well cared for. "We are working with extreme diligence to ensure clear protocols are communicated, tested and followed by our staff and providers," stated Cunningham.


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