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Copper Country Cruizers Gift Caps for Local Cancer Patients

Copper Country Cruizers Gift Caps for Local Cancer Patients

The Copper Country Cruizers gifted pink, khaki, red and blue logo caps to the Gila Regional Cancer Center (GRCC) for patients undergoing treatment. Club member Leon Colgan said, "Since several club members have been through the cancer treatment journey and two of us here at the Cancer Center, we know what it's like to see your hair fall out because of chemotherapy." The gifted patient caps are celebrating the club's annual "Run to Copper Country" car show held at Gough Park.

Pictured are Gila Regional Cancer Center caregivers modeling the Cruizers caps (from left to right) Raquel De Los Santos, Martha Placencio, Kelly Franco, Ciro Chairez, Shelly Carter, Mike Torres along with The Copper Country Cruizers members (back row without pink caps) John Piontkowski and Leon Colgan.

"Thank you, Cruizers, for the caps. Your club's generosity makes a difference in the lives of our patients," stated GRCC Director Mike Torres.

For more information about the Cancer Center call 575-538-4009.