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9th bi-monthly Breastfeeding Success Brunch Celebrated

Top Back Row-Kenneth Richards; Top Front Row-Roman Alvarado with Roman II, Bessie & Elsie Richards and Elizabeth Torres; Bottom Right Back Row-Nikki Montoya with Chloe and Charlene Gomez, Bottom Middle Row-Tanya Torres with Darrel, Elvisa & Elisa and Stephanie Thompson with Alijah & Cameron; Front Row-Byron, Kaijah with Deanndra Maldonado and Andria Gomez with Emmanuel

On September 27th Gila Regional Medical Center's Maternal Child Department and First Born Program hosted its 9th bi-monthly Breastfeeding Success Brunch. There were 6 families in attendance with siblings and fathers joining in the celebration!

There were over 28 families invited to celebrate breastfeeding their babies for at least 6 months! Families shared the challenges and joys of breastfeeding and acknowledged the difference it makes when there is support in the community. Chris Jepson, RN, RD, CLC with the First Born Program, Mary Gruszka, RN, IBCLC with Lactaion Services of GRMC and Nikki Montoya, RN (BSN student from WNMU) hosted the celebration.

Mae Orton a community artist/photographer and previously honored breastfeeding mother took family portraits of the participants as well as group photos. These celebrations continue to honor families' decisions to feed their babies in the healthiest way possible.

Though it is difficult to find times that work best to celebrate all of the deserving families, every family who births at Gila Regional Medical Center is sent a certificate of accomplishment and appreciation for the commitment to breastfeeding when their baby is 6 months old and still breastfeeding. Women have expressed how honored they felt that their decision to breastfeed was acknowledged in this way.

The Southwest New Mexico Breastfeeding Council has developed "Thank You for Feeding Your Baby in Public" cards to support women and educate the community about women's rights to breastfeed in public.

For more information about the Breastfeeding Celebrations or other activities of the SWNM Breastfeeding Council please contact the GRMC Lactation Program at 538-4676 or First Born Program at 388-9708 ext 11. If you are interested in being involved in breastfeeding advocacy in our community, please call one of the numbers above. The Southwest New Mexico Breastfeeding Council is happy to have new members!


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