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Breastfeeding Success Brunch Celebrated

On May 3rd Gila Regional Medical Center's Maternal Child Department and First Born Program hosted its 7th bi-monthly Breastfeeding Success Brunch. There were 7 families in attendance with siblings and fathers joining in the celebration! There were over 30 families invited who had reached 6 months of breastfeeding!

These celebrations demonstrate the changes in our community that have helped make breastfeeding the norm. Women expressed acknowledgment and appreciation for the state and national laws that support women breastfeeding "anywhere the mother is authorized to be present." Support from family, friends, hospital personnel and medical providers who have accurate, current information regarding breastfeeding make a difference!

Brianna Romo, present at this event, said that "having her baby skin to skin right after her cesarean birth really helped to get breastfeeding off on the right start." She was grateful for the hospital staff that helped make that possible!

Families shared the challenges and joys of breastfeeding and acknowledged the difference it makes when there is support in the community. Chris Jepson, RN, RD, CLC with the First Born Program and Mary Gruszka, RN, IBCLC hosted the celebration.

On May 24 at 4:00 at the Blues Festival, any woman present with a breastfeeding baby is encouraged to come to the big tree by the restrooms and breastfeed to the blues! This will be a photo opportunity to continue encouraging our community to support breastfeeding women wherever they are!

The next Breastfeeding Success Brunch will be held on July 19. For more information please contact the GRMC Lactation Program at 538-4676 or First Born Program at 388-9708 ext 11. If you are interested in being involved in breastfeeding advocacy in our community, please call one of the numbers above. The Southwest New Mexico Breastfeeding Council is happy to have new members!


Top photo: back row-Adrian, Briana, and Aliana Romo, Benito, Aimee, Alayda and Alyssa Delgado, Mary Gruszka, Marquette & Darrow Mower, Isaac, Delena, Lily and Lucas Saucedo

-front row-Carolyn McCarthy & Aaron Ordonez, Tristan, Andre, Aztan Oaxaca (not pictured Adrian Romo, Jr, baby Aaron Ordonez, Mimi, Kai and Caden Clark)

Top right photo: Kai, Mimi and baby Caden Clark featuring a hat she won, crocheted by Laura Salvatore of the SW New Mexico Breastfeeding Council

Middle right photo: Aaron, Caronlyn and baby Aaron McCarthy

Lower right photo: Delena Saucedo and baby Lily Saucedo