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Continued Rise in Breastfeeding in Grant County

Pictured here are: Marissa Villegas with son, Mathew, and lactation consultant, Cammie Bacho, RN, IBCLC. There were over 30 other families invited who were unable to attend.

Breastfeeding Celebrations Indicate Continued Rise in Breastfeeding in Grant County

On January 25th Gila Regional Medical Center's Maternal Child Department and First Born Program hosted its bi-monthly Breastfeeding Success Brunch. There were 6 families in attendance with siblings and fathers joining in the celebration!

These celebrations are held to acknowledge the commitment that families make to breastfeed and to congratulate them when they reach the 6 month point in breastfeeding. Attendees at these events are encouraged to:

  • introduce solid foods (particularly good sources of iron)
  • continue to breastfeed at least to 1 year (and recognize the benefits of breastfeeding extend well past 1 year)
  • avoid introducing formula (or limit formula feeding as much as possible).

Families shared the challenges and joys of breastfeeding and acknowledged the difference it makes when there is support in the community. Chris Jepson, RN, RD, CLC with the First Born Program commented how refreshing it was to recently visit an expectant mother at the Baby Boot Camp Child Care Center where director, Julie Wooten, relayed that she had seen quite a shift in breastfed babies. All of the current infants at Baby Boot Camp are breastfed!

The next Breastfeeding Success Brunch will be held on March 22nd. For more information please contact the GRMC Lactation Program at 538-4676 or First Born Program at 388-9708 ext 11.

If you are interested in being involved in breastfeeding advocacy in our community, please call one of the numbers above. The Southwest New Mexico Breastfeeding Council is happy to have new members!