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GRMC announces transition of ER care

GRMCannounces transition of ER care

Gila Regional Medical Center announces the completion of the transition of Emergency Room care at the hospital to Innova.

Innova Emergency Medical Associates provides rural and metro emergency care.

"The company is a regional ER provider group," GRMC Chief Executive Office Brian Cunningham said. "We've made it a strategic focus to improve our emergency services and look forward to working with Innova and its chief executive officer, Dr. Steve Sherick."

Innova has been recognized as an innovator in patient care, by using a physician staffing model to attract fresh, talented and leading-edge physicians to emergency departments, whether rural or metro. In addition to providing quality care, the group has established new programs that measures the time it takes a provider to first see a patient in the ER. The goal is to see each patient in less than 15 minutes, on average. Another goal is to have an average length of stay in the ER of less than two hours.

Cunningham noted: "These changes to our ER are in response to feedback by our community, we are confident that this new team will better serve our patients and families."

The group's next-generation physicians, with their proficiency in using technology, make them more efficient and accurate with charting.

Treating patients with dignity and giving them a voice, through Innova's unique communication process, takes the mystery out of the ER.

Patients know exactly what the team is doing, why and where they are in the flow of care. Patients give real-time feedback, which helps Innova improve processes.

Because Innova has a competitive mindset, it believes every hospital competes for patients. Innova uses this conviction to give a patient a compelling reason to choose GRMC.

"Innova has a commitment to partnering with us to provide the best possible service to our community," Cunningham concluded.

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