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Local Healthcare Providers to Develop a “Clinically Integrated Network”

As the healthcare environment continues to become even more challenging, Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) will be collaborating with area healthcare organizations and medical providers to form a true partnership in creating a "Clinically Integrated Network" (CIN). This CIN initiative will bring healthcare organizations, physicians and other medical providers together in an innovative, collaborative approach to create new ways of providing healthcare services to deliver higher quality and greater value for those we serve.

This CIN model is being developed to be as inclusive as possible to our area healthcare organizations and medical practitioners, to support our medical community with continuing to deliver high quality, high value care to our communities while also supporting our medical providers through the challenges that healthcare reform continues to bring.

What does this mean for our communities?

  • Our communities will be able to count on high quality care at the appropriate cost, while staying close to home, whenever possible.
  • We will strengthen and maintain a thriving medical provider community and locally-owned hospital to serve our communities.
  • CIN members will work together to share pertinent patient information, better coordinate healthcare services and better engage patients in their own care.
  • CIN members will work to establish more evidenced-based clinical care pathways to ensure the right care at the right time.

With this healthcare delivery model (CIN), our local healthcare organizations and medical providers will be able to formally partner in providing better coordinated, evidence-­based care to all patients. That means better patient outcomes, higher quality care and value, and ultimately, a healthier community.

Some of the key objectives of this CIN partnership include (the "Triple Aim Initiative" as defined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement):

  • improving the patient experience (quality & satisfaction)
  • reducing the overall cost of healthcare
  • improving the overall health of the communities we serve

As healthcare continues to evolve, healthcare payments to medical providers are shifting from volume-based to value-based models of health care delivery. This CIN partnership will also prepare and support our medical provider community and our patients with this changing payment system.

Active discussions have already begun with our area healthcare organizations and medical providers and we are inspired by the interest and enthusiasm from our local medical providers regarding this partnership.

As this project continues to develop, community forums will be held to further explain the positive impact that this effort will have for the health of our communities and to provide an opportunity to answer any questions.

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