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Patsy Miller, GRMC Auxiliary Member

The Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) Auxiliary has proven time and time again to be a vital part of GRMC's survival. Through thousands of volunteer hours and tireless efforts, one member continues to stand out. Patsy Miller, a longtime GRMC Auxilian, has shown GRMC what true dedication and hard work means.

Patsy Miller moved to Grant County in 1946 with her husband Billy Miller Sr. She began her career at Fort Bayard Medical Center (FBMC) in the 1960s as a nurse. While at Fort Bayard she held many crucial positions, including Chief Nursing Officer. Patsy dedicated 28 years to the FBMC before retiring in 1993. Upon her retirement, she received awards recognizing her hard work and dedication in both healthcare and community service. One of which was from the New Mexico Legislature which is awarded for outstanding work in providing improved healthcare for state facilities and the community. "That award, I am most proud of," stated Patsy.

In 1993, Patsy found herself retired with decades of healthcare knowledge and experience. Patsy, refusing to "stay home and do nothing," joined the GRMC Auxiliary. Her skills and potential were recognized immediately and she was voted President after only three months of membership, where she served in that role for three years. Patsy went on to hold other leadership position in the GRMC Auxiliary, such as Vice President, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee and a member of the GRMC Foundation. Patsy is currently the GRMC Gift Shop manager as well as a member of the Scholarship Committee, which provided GRMC employees $15,000 in scholarships in the last year.

Patsy's service to this community and GRMC has affected many, and GRMC is proud to have her as part of their team.

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