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Bi-monthly Breastfeeding Celebration at GRMC

On January 16th - Gila Regional Medical Center's Maternal Child Department and First Born Program hosted its bi-monthly Breastfeeding Success Brunch. There were 13 people in attendance with siblings and fathers joining in the celebration! There were 47 families congratulated for breastfeeding their babies to at least 6 months! This group shared their inspiring stories of commitments to breastfeeding. GRMC employees Mary Gruszka, RN, IBCLC and Chris Jepson, RN, RD, IBCLC with Lactation Services hosted the celebration. These celebrations continue to honor families' decisions to feed their babies in the healthiest way possible.

All of the attendees shared experiences they've had with breastfeeding and workplace support. Several women were teachers and mentioned the particular challenges of keeping their milk supplies healthy during a school day. They also expressed appreciation for employers and co-workers supporting their needs with flexibility and creativity. One mother commended the hospital for providing a space where employees can pump during their work day. She acknowledged that this was a significant reason for her to continue employment with the hospital as she couldn't be sure she would have that benefit at another workplace.

This spring the Southwest New Mexico Breastfeeding Council (SWNMBC) is planning to host presenters from the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force (NMBTF) on workplace and breastfeeding advocacy. Anyone interested in hearing this presentation, or with recommendations for groups that would appreciate receiving more information on how workplaces can better support breastfeeding, please communicate with the contacts below.

The SWNMBC continues to meet on the 3rd Friday of the month from noon-1:00pm at La Clinica, 3201 Ridge Loop Rd, up the street from the hospital. The next Council meeting will be February 19th. Anyone interested in supporting, educating and advocating for breastfeeding in our community is welcome. The SWNMBC also hosts a mom and baby gathering. Interested mothers are welcome at La Clinica at 10:30 (note time change) on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. Because January 1st was a holiday, there will be a gathering on January 30th and again February 5th and February 19th.

The SWNMBC is also hosting a "slogo" contest with the theme of "Fathers supporting breastfeeding." We plan to use the winning logo and slogan on tee shirts, hats, maybe even tattoos! There is a $20 MainStreet gift certificate for both the winning logo and the winning slogan. The deadline is March 18th (voting on March 25th at the SWNMBC monthly meeting and by email). Please submit entries to or La Clinica.

For more information please contact the GRMC Lactation Program at 538-4676, First Born Program at 388-9708 ext 11 or La Clinica at 388-4251. You can learn more about support and local, national and global breastfeeding news by joining the Facebook page updated by a SWNMBC member: Grant County NM Breastfeeding Support or reading more on the NMBTF website or Facebook page


Group - Left to Right: Josh Shields, Marissa Jaeger & Brinley Shields, Deandra & Emery Rivera, Alli & Jaxon Heneghan, Bre, Stone & Dakota Door

Father & Daughter - Josh & Brinley Shields

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