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Giving Back to Caregivers at Gila Regional Medical Center

National Hospital/Nurses week falls in early May and has been a national tradition since 1921. Every year Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) observes this tradition by honoring all the caregivers that serve our community at the Hospital. This year was no different; Gila Regional hosted a pizza party for its 600+ employees. This is a service of the hospital's Gila-Reach Department under the direction of Howie Morales and a mix of caregivers that give back to their fellow co-workers and the community with such events.

"It is a really great opportunity to say thank you to our caregivers" said Howie Morales, Director of the Gila-Reach Department. "We do about one event a month to give back to the people that work at Gila Regional. Our next event will be the Caregiver Awards Ceremony on July 6th where we acknowledge the caregivers that have shown loyal dedication to GRMC through many years of service."

Pizza was delivered from all the main chains in the area including Domino's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Little Caesar's. Hundreds of caregivers enjoyed their pizza and the Gila-Reach team, accompanied by CEO Brian Cunningham and CNO Peggy White, came back later in the evening to give some pizza and appreciation to the night shift as well.

Pictured above are Amanda Holguin and Sonia Morales, members of our Gila-Reach committee that are excited to serve pizza to the Gila Regional employees and bring them some well deserved appreciation.

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