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Hunt for New CEO of Gila Regional Medical Center Begins

December 5, 2016 – Today at a special meeting of the Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) Board of Trustees, the Board voted to accept the resignation of CEO Brian Cunningham. Cunningham will be continuing to serve the hospital over the next 60 days to support the leadership transition. Mr. Cunningham thanked the board for their support over the years and in return each board member individually expressed their appreciation of all the achievements that were accomplished during his time as CEO.

"I will be continuing to serve GRMC over the next 60 days to work with our Board, Medical Providers and Caregivers to support the leadership transition and to help keep the organization moving forward during these challenging times," said Brian Cunningham, GRMC CEO. "I cannot express how thankful I am to have served GRMC over the past 14 years. I am so appreciative to have had the opportunity to serve our community with our Board, our Medical Providers and our caregivers. It has been an honor to work alongside of you all."

The search for an interim CEO will begin immediately until a permanent CEO can be found.

"A plan is being developed to find first an interim and finally a permanent CEO for Gila Regional" stated Jeremiah Garcia, Chair of the Gila Regional Board of Trustees. "Our plan is to be completely transparent and include our community and our medical providers in the search."

It was announced at the meeting that leading the search committee will be Board of Trustee member Anthony Trujillo.

While this has been an emotional day, GRMC thanks Brian Cunningham for all the work he has done for the hospital over the years and is truly appreciative of his leadership and guidance. During Cunningham's time as the CEO, GRMC pulled together to achieve a significant financial turnaround and committed to the work necessary to become a 4-Star Quality Hospital.

Mr. Cunningham added, "GRMC is entering another phase of significant strategic change as the healthcare environment continues to challenge us, and the least disruptive time for me to transition on to serve somewhere else would be before GRMC gets too far into this next cycle of change. I will be leaving in full confidence that the Board, Medical Staff and Caregivers will continue to move GRMC forward in this most challenging healthcare environment and carry on with its mission of serving the healthcare needs of this community. I gave GRMC my very best, and I got so much more from everyone in return. Thank you all."

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