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Liana Ryan – New AVPA at Gila Regional Medical Center

April 6, 2016 – After thoughtful consideration, Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) recently chose Liana Ryan as their Assistant Vice President of Administration (AVPA). Mrs. Ryan was the hospital's Director of Quality and Safety prior to accepting this position and also has experience as a Physician's Assistant and in Project Management and LEAN/Six Sigma methodologies.

The hospital's AVPA oversees the business development and overall operations of GRMC's Multi-Specialty Network which includes Gila Cardiology; Gila Interventional Pain Management; Gila Family Medicine and Gila Surgical Services. "I have worked hard to develop a comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems and to build the skills necessary to create real improvement in patient care processes. I am excited to serve the community in this capacity," answered Liana when asked about her new position. In addition, Mrs. Ryan will also be responsible for the operations of the Billy Casper Wellness Center, GRMC's community fitness and exercise facility. "As a former group fitness instructor and personal trainer at the Billy Casper Wellness Center, I am thrilled to continue to be involved with this vital department in my new role," commented Mrs. Ryan.

GRMC's CEO, Brian Cunningham, went on to add, "The AVPA is a key role for GRMC as we continue to grow our Multi-Specialty Network and work with community medical providers and other healthcare organizations toward establishing a Clinically Integrated Network. GRMC continues to move forward in this extremely challenging healthcare environment and we are fortunate to have Liana serving the hospital and our community in her new role."

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