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Local Healthcare Providers to Develop a “Clinically Integrated Network”

As the healthcare environment continues to become even more challenging, a group of local physicians, medical practitioners, healthcare advocates and representatives from Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) have been meeting and collaborating over the past several months to form a partnership in creating a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN).

With this CIN partnership, member medical providers and healthcare organizations will be able to formally partner in providing more coordinated, value-­based care to patients, while strengthening the ability of our local medical providers and GRMC to survive in this complex healthcare environment. This CIN approach can deliver higher quality care and value to area patients, better outcomes and ultimately, a healthier community.

Some of the key objectives of this CIN partnership include (the "Triple Aim Initiative" as defined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement):

  • Improving the patient experience (quality & satisfaction)
  • Reducing the overall cost of healthcare
  • Improving the overall health of the communities we serve

"When this process first began I had no idea what a clinically integrated network was, how it worked or what its goals might be. As I became more acquainted with CINs at the initial informational meetings, what I was most impressed with is that the primary goal is to improve the care of our patients as they navigate the health care system" Stated Robert Martin MD, Cardiologist - CIN Steering Committee member. "While financial considerations are a reality in health care, the CINs focus is to maximize the patient's experience with the system, within the confines of reasonable financial constraints. I have been very pleased with how the process has progressed to date with these goals in mind."

Accessing and receiving the highest value of healthcare possible continues to be a significant challenge that patients all across the country face. However with this CIN project, significant efforts have begun in the local community to develop the infrastructure necessary to provide our communities with the best medical care possible long into the future.

Photo of the CIN Team
Back Row (Left to Right): Mike McMillan; Okay Odocha, MD; Norman Ratliff III, MD; Victor Nwahchuku, MD; Robert Martin, MD; Ellis "Mack" Knight, MD; Dan Otero, HMS-CEO; Brian Cunningham, GRMC-CEO; Mike Metts, GRMC-CFO; and John Stanley, MD

Front Row (Left to Right): Rebekka VanNess; Kari Lane; Tamera Ahner; Peggy White, GRMC-CNO; and Amanda Holguin

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