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Billy Casper Lifters Win 4 First Prize Trophies at NASA Power Lifting Competition

Photo Caption: Billy Casper Lifters (left to right) Joan Bacon, Barry Christian and Devan Garcia.
Not pictured: Daniel Castillo

A group of Silver City lifters belonging to the Billy Casper Wellness Center gym entered a NASA power lifting competition on July 15th 2017. The lifters; Joan Bacon, Daniel Castillo, Barry Christian and Devan Garcia all prepared and trained for a potential first place win. They were entered into one or two categories, either bench press or the push and pull category with bench press and deadlift combined for a total lift amount. Joan Bacon bench pressed a total of 95 pounds winning first place in her category and also setting a National Record on top of her State Record, Daniel Castillo bench pressed a total of 260 pounds winning first place in his category, Barry Christian bench pressed a weight of 225 pounds also winning first place in his category and setting a state record, and Devan Garcia bench pressed 105 pounds and deadlifted 235.5 pounds winning first place in her category. All in all this team of lifters brought back a total of four first place trophies.

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