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Gila Regional Medical Center Announces Rebrand with New logo, Brand Identity

November 7, 2018 – Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC), a 68-bed acute care hospital serving Grant County in southwest New Mexico, announced today they are updating their brand image.

At the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 26, GRMC executives presented a new logo and brand image. The marketing team at GRMC spent months developing the new logo design and communications to create a new brand image. GRMC will roll out the logo in stages over the next year on signage, marketing brochures, advertising, and website.

GRMC CEO Taffy Arias said, "It's a new day at Gila Regional Medical Center—one that calls for a fresh start and a new sense of purpose. Executing the Strategic Plan calls for growing market share and profitability; hence the need for an aggressive new marketing campaign and brand image. The new logo is not just a visual representation of the region, but a symbol of this new era of growth for Gila Regional Medical Center."

"The new logo will help connect consumers, providers, and caregivers with the hospital by reminding people of our mutual history and identity. GRMC has not only been part of the community for more than 130 years but integral to its very landscape," Arias added.

"There was a great need for new signage, new marketing brochures, and new identity; basically everything that bears the GRMC logo. So we took this opportunity to update our logo and create an image of a modern, high quality hospital. Research revealed that most people in the area have an image of the hospital as a leader in high quality medical care, but the old logo didn't quite live up to that image," said Doug Oakes, Director of Marketing at GRMC.

"The average hospital or health system logo is blue or green and typically uses a cross or a heart as an icon," Oakes said. "It could be for any hospital, anywhere. The new logo proudly displays the mountain ranges of the Gila National Forest as its icon. The new GRMC logo is intentionally different and uniquely southwest New Mexico. The bigger, bolder typography has a more contemporary look and is more easily identified."

About Gila Regional Medical Center

Gila Regional Medical Center is a county-owned, not-for-profit, 68-bed acute care hospital with a strong commitment to the people they serve. Investments in technology and certified caregivers provide quality care delivery through a patient-centered approach. It is home to the Gila Regional Cancer Center; the Surgical Center of the Southwest and was rated a 4-Star Quality Care Hospital by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

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