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Beware of Scam Phone Calls Claiming to be from GRMC

There have been reports from people who received phone calls that claim to be coming from Gila Regional demanding immediate payment or credit card information. These calls are likely fraudulent or scams using spoofing technology to deceive consumers. Spoofing means the phone number that shows up on Caller ID is not the actual originating phone number.

The public is reminded to be cautious – if a call appears to come from Gila Regional and is requesting personal information, there are steps you should take. You should:

• Hang up and call GRMC directly — the main phone number for Gila Regional is (575) 538-4000, and Patient Financial Services can be reached at (575) 574-4989;

• Tell the caller you will only give the information in person or by calling the Patient Financial Services department directly;

• Contact GRMC with any questions or concerns.

More information regarding fake debt collectors can be found on the Federal Trade Commission website at

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