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GRMC Plans for Anticipated Re-Opening of Services

Gila Regional Medical Center and Clinics recognized early on the need for a COVID-19 Taskforce to accomplish a cohesive plan to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, employees, medical staff, and the community. GRMC is now actively working on a plan to reopen services available at the hospital and clinics. Due to Governor Lujan-Grisham’s orders, it is currently just in the planning phase.

According to Tanya Carroccio, chief quality and compliance officer at GRMC, reopening services at a hospital is complex and requires a comprehensive roadmap as the hospital and clinics must think about multiple scenarios and contingencies. “We have three phases in our ‘road to recovery’— the Reinstitution of Medical Services and Operations plan. Phase one is most conservative, followed by a less restrictive phase two, and phase three is essentially the new norm,” Ms. Carroccio said.

William Hemmer, infection preventionist and registered nurse is hoping for a scaling down in COVID-19 response, but not in preparedness. “Some of the services that were closed completely will strategically open to a more normal level of activity,” he said. “During the early phases there will continue to be visible signs at GRMC that policies will remain in effect, like controlled entry points, wearing masks, and limiting visitors.”

GRMC’s Road to Recovery steering committee is made up of physicians, nurses, and infection prevention specialists. “We have a small ad hoc group making up the core team, but it takes a multidisciplinary effort, so the leaders and staff across the hospital will have opportunity to provide feedback,” according to Ms. Carroccio.

Many states have already begun the process of creating strategies to reopen businesses. Grant County businesses have come together to work on guidelines. According to Dr. Sabrina Pack, chair of the Board of Directors at the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce and with SkyWest Media, “With the cooperation of community leaders, a Next Step Task Force has been established. This task force is discussing contingency plans to safely reopen small businesses with a focus on employee and customer safety.” GRMC’s Steering Committee has volunteered to be advisors to the Next Step Task Force reopening plan for Grant County.

As the hospital receives updates and information, they will continue to share with the community. Visit the COVID-19 microsite at

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