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Grant County Community Health Council

The Health Council staff supports Health Council, community action teams, and partner organizations in their health and wellness endeavors to better the quality of life using the community wellness model.

The Health Council is a diverse group of county leaders appointed by the Grant County Commission to serve as a health and wellness planning authority. The Health Council helps coordinate the efforts of the community to fill health and wellness gaps/needs.

The council lends its support and backing to the community's efforts to better itself, resulting in programs like the Medication Assistance Program (MAP), First Born Program, Una Mano Amiga Cancer Patient Navigators, the Volunteer Center and Grant County Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities; all of which were formed by the Health Council and its community partners to better serve the specific needs of our community.

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Coordinator: Chris DeBolt
Phone: 575-388-1198 ext. 22; email

Assistant Coordinator: Kendra Milligan
Phone: 575-388-1198 ext. 10; email

Download CEF Recipients 2011

Following are a few of the downloads available to the public:

Community Resource Directory 2013 | Click to download PDF

Grant County Community Guide 2013
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2014 Resource Directory is found online

SWNM Cancer Resource Directory | Click for PDF download

Southwest New Mexico
Cancer Resource Directory 2012

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Senior Resource Directory 2013 | Click for PDF

Grant County Senior Resource Directory 2013
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Community Enhancement Fund

FMI Community Enhancement Fund
Download CEF Recipients 2012
Download CEF Recipients 2013

Grant County CHI Profile 2013
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