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Gila Regional's Medical Records or Health Information Management (HIM) department employs transcriptionists, coders, scanners and medical records file clerks to transcribe, code, and file patient "history and physical" notes, progress notes, radiology notes, operative notes, and discharge notes, and place them in patient files.

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Medical Records / Health Information Management Department:

  • Office Hours: Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (MST)
  • Phone: (575) 538-4108
  • Fax: (575) 538-4114 OR (575) 538-4164
  • Office Location: Enter at the Visitor Entrance (Canopy) at Gila Regional Medical Center, from the First Floor lobby, go left and the Medical Records office is next to Infusion Services.

How to Get Copies

If you need a copy of your medical records or some portion of them, you need to come in person to the Gila Regional Medical Records / HIM Office and sign a release -- download the PDF Health Information Release form.

  • Bring a picture ID with you
  • Please allow 5-7 days for the processing of requests.
  • Physical copies of medical records have a fee of $30 for the first 15 pages and 25¢ per page after

Physicians and other healthcare providers who call for patient records in order to ensure the continuum of care are faxed or e-mailed a copy of the requested materials.

To ensure quality and accuracy, all medical records requests require five business days for processing. Thank you for your understanding.

For Your Baby

An HIM Professional will use the information about your baby during your stay to register your baby's birth with the State of New Mexico.