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GRMC: A Rich Heritage Throughout the Years

If you and your family have lived in Silver City - for a few years or for many generations - you are probably very familiar with our organization. GRMC Auxiliary volunteers - who celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2019 - will be the first to tell you about the rich history of GRMC.

You and your family are invited to visit our exhibit which resides in the GRMC first floor hallway - located between the Auxiliary Workroom and the Courtyard Cafeteria. This historic area of recognition honors GRMC's partners in healing over the years - including our patients, families, physicians, caregivers, staff, and volunteers - who have sustained and given purpose to our vibrant organization over the decades.

GRMC has been caring for for its community for well over 100 years. We realize that the story of Gila Regional is really our community's story. The following information is a brief overview of GRMC and its roots.

1883 - Ladies Hospital

First hospital and overnight medical facility was begun in a small donated cottage at the Planing Mill Site on 13th Street in Silver City. It was started by the Ladies Sewing Circle and was called the Ladies Hospital.

1885 - Grant County Charity Hospital

It was moved to the old courthouse site on Hudson Street, in Silver City, where the U.S. Forest Service Warehouse is now located. The hospital was renamed, incorporated and remained at this site for some 33 years.

1918 - Grant County Charity Hospital Moves Location

The Ladies Sewing Circle purchased the Sisters of Mercy Convent at 6th Street and Kelly. It remained there for another 20 years.

1936 - Plans to Build

W.P. A. funds matched by special bonds were approved to build a facility to house the hospital on donated land. The Town Council authorized Dr. Randolph Watts to travel to St. Louis and ask Mr. William Swift to donate land he owned.

1937 - Swift Memorial Hospital

A new 25-bed facility was completed on several acres located near Highway 180 and Juniper Street in Silver City utilizing the W.P. A. program. At that time, it was renamed Swift Memorial Hospital.

1957 and prior to - Silver City General Hospital

Sometime prior to 1957 the Town of Silver City assumed operations of the hospital and renamed it Silver City General Hospital. In 1957, a new emergency room and x-ray unit were added.

1959 - Hillcrest General Hospital

The new wing was begun by Frank Tatch. The remodel was completed in 1961, adding 39 beds and updates throughout the facility. The name was changed to Hillcrest General Hospital.

1969 - Transferred from Town of Silver City to Grant County Ownership

Ownership of Hillcrest was transferred to Grant County. The County Commissioners appoint a five member Board of Trustees. The Board is charged with the responsibility of running the hospital. They, in turn, employ an administrator to operate the hospital.

1970 to 1979 - Expansion and Remodeling of Hillcrest

In 1970 Frank Tatsch, a local contractor, remodeled the facility to add Purchasing, Maintenance and Linen Departments. In 1971 a porch was constructed to include two new emergency rooms. In 1974, Steelcon was hired to build new Maintenance-Linen rooms, the Lab was relocated to the old Maintenance area. Also, added was a covered drive to the Emergency room and the porch was enclosed. In 1975 the Berry Brothers built a new area for Medical Records and a Doctor's Lounge. In 1977-78 Storage was added to Surgery, Central Supply, and Purchasing. The Laundry was established. A nursing office and insurance office were added. In 1979, a new x-ray room was added.

1983 - Gila Regional Medical Center

A new 68 bed facility was completed. On October 26, 1983, the facility was renamed. Patients were moved from the Hillcrest site into the 32nd Street facility in December.

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