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Grief and Loss

We believe in a holistic approach to meeting people's needs of body, mind and spirit

Though we strive to keep our community healthy, we also wrestle with the fact that death comes to us all, and to all those we love.

Through GRMC Hospice, bereavement support services are available to anyone in the community adjusting to loss from death. Following are topics to help you through this very difficult time:

Grief & Bereavement Support Services

We help the surviving family by providing support through the normal process of grief.

Among the many services offered through GRMC Hospice:

  • Growing through Grief, a 6-week class, anyone grieving the death of a loved one is invited to register for this group. It isn't an open group. You are asked to make a commitment for 6-weeks and is offered two times during the year.
  • One-on-one Consultations for individuals /families for up to 6 sessions for uncomplicated grief support.
  • Monthly Newsletter (See below)

Individual consultations, group support and referrals are available to anyone who calls.

If you are interested in receiving our monthly newsletter or need more information contact Chris McIntosh, GRMC Bereavement Counselor, 575-574-4934.

Monthly Bereavement Newsletter

Grief is such a journey. GRMC Hospice Bereavement Newsletter is food for the journey.

This monthly newsletter provides information regarding support groups, books, classes and words of wisdom that meet a person where they are on this path. For a subscription or more information contact Chris McIntosh, Bereavement Counselor at 575-574-4934.

Click on the link below for a PDF version.

List of publications on death and dying

To help you through this very difficult time, we have compiled a list of suggested readings on death and dying. Click on the following links for printable lists: