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Patient-Centered Care

GRMC Behavioral Health Services (BHS)

We believe… safe, accessible, high quality care is fundamental to patient-centered care.

In a crisis situation, go to the Gila Regional Emergency Room or call 911 for assistance.

Gila Regional Medical Center's (GRMC) Behavioral Health Services (BHS) provides 24-hour comprehensive, effective treatment in a safe environment using an integrated treatment model which supports a healthy recovery.

Our highly trained and experienced staff of physicians, therapists, and social services provides treatment in a private and professional manner.

We also provide coordination for follow-up care and treatment based on the patient's individual needs. Mental illness challenges are treatable and quality of life is obtainable.

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Inpatient Program

Through the Gila Regional Emergency Room (ER), psychiatric evaluation is available for all ages. The Inpatient Program is available for adults 18 and over who are in need of acute psychiatric treatment. It focuses on stabilization, maintaining health and safety and enhancing the patient's skills and resources to foster independence, self-confidence and self-reliance.

Specific services that may be provided by the program include:

  • Assessments
  • Crisis Stabilization
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Patient Education
  • On Site Evaluations

The Focus of Treatment

The focus is on enhancing the patient's skills and resources to foster personal dignity, control, self-reliance and quality of life. Under the medical supervision of a psychiatrist, the multi-disciplinary treatment team focuses on the individual patient, developing a treatment and discharge plan that includes recommendations for after care, follow up and community resource integration. Individuals are treated safely and effectively, through the evaluation and resolution of crisis situations that have occurred before admission.

The Evaluation Process

Referrals may be made by physicians, nurses, family members, clergy, nursing homes, social workers or others concerned about the welfare of an individual. Individuals may also inquire about the program on their own behalf.

To be evaluated:

  1. Go to the Emergency Room at Gila Regional Medical Center if it is an emergency call 911 for assistance.
  2. The Emergency Room will provide a medical evaluation.
  3. You will then be assessed by a Behavioral Health Provider to determine what further care is required.


We provide 24-hour crisis stabilization through GRMC's Emergency Room. The clinical staff of GRMC's Behavioral Health Services are pleased to offer confidential assessments for the purpose of determining need for mental health services. Through the assessment process our mental health providers will determine the best individualized care plan for you.

Payment Options

Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans cover costs of care. We accept all patients regardless of ability to pay. GRMC Financial Counselors are available through Patient Financial Services to assist you with payment arrangements.