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Patient-Centered Care

GRMC Special Care Unit (SCU)

Compassionate Special Care

The purpose of the Special Care Unit (SCU) is simple even though the practice is complex.

Healthcare professionals who work in Gila Regional's SCU provide around-the-clock monitoring and treatment of patients seven days a week. This close-knit, experienced group works closely with many different specialized physicians and receives high ratings for their ability to offer individualized care to patients - from infant through elder.

Patients are generally admitted if they are likely to benefit from the level of care provided. It has been shown to benefit patients who are severely ill and medically unstable — that is, they have a potentially life-threatening disease or disorder. Patients and their loved ones are grateful for the continual, one-on-one attention the staff in SCU is able to provide.

Guidelines for Immediate Family

  • Patient Condition
    Your family will be asked to designate one person to become the family "spokesperson." This person will receive regular updates on the patient's status. In addition, a codeword will be established and given to three family members. When any one of these three people call the SCU with the codeword, they will be given patient information
  • Physician Access
    If you need to speak with the attending physician, the nursing staff can relay that request. They can also help coordinate family meetings. This can be a very trying time for families; therefore to ease concerns, the nursing staff is available after 8:00 am. daily to answer any questions you or your family may have.
  • Visiting Hours
    Please refer to our Patient & Visitor Policy here.
  • Flowers and Food
    Food and drink are permitted in the SCU for visitors, however since many patients are on restricted diets, food and drink cannot be brought to them without a nurse's clearance. Due to possible allergens, we ask visitors not to bring flowers.
  • Pastoral Care
    You are invited to visit the chapel on the second floor of the hospital during visiting hours. Visiting the chapel after hours can be arranged by the patient's primary nurse or house supervisor. If you would like spiritual services or to speak with your own spiritual advisor, a nurse can assist you and/or your loved ones.