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Visitor Information

Visiting Hours

Family and friends of patients are welcome at Gila Regional. Open visitation hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. After 10 p.m., all visitors need to check-in with a caregiver in Registration.

Visitors are considered members of the infection control team and play an important role in preventing and reducing infection transmissions by following these suggestions:

• Only visit when you are well; No fever, cough or sore throat
• Wash your hands before and after a visit
• If you see a red "stop" sign on the patient's door, check with the nursing staff about protective apparel


Visitor and outpatient parking is available directly in front of the Visitors Entrance, the Surgical Center and Cancer Center.


Smoking is not permitted at GRMC. We are a Tobacco Free campus.

WiFi available for GRMC Patients and Visitors

Gila Regional Medical Center offers free high-speed wireless Internet access as a courtesy for our patients and our visitors. You will need today's username and password posted on the WiFi signs located in the GRMC waiting areas.

Three steps to how to get online:

1. Configure your wireless network card:

  • Disable data encryption (WEP).
  • "Obtain an IP address automatically."
  • "Obtain DNS Server address automatically."

2. Depending on the wireless card or settings, select or enter the SSID or network name of grmcguest (lower case).

3. Launch your web browser. Review the Terms and Conditions. Access is provided once you indicate agreement by entering today's username and password (see sign in waiting areas).

Please note: Access to our wireless system is not guaranteed. Users are responsible for knowing how to configure their own computers and equipment. As with all wireless communications, you may encounter areas where a signal is not available.