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Patient-Centered Care

Working at GRMC

At Gila Regional, we believe the satisfaction of our patients and employees are one in the same. Every employee is considered a caregiver, and an important part of our efforts to ensure an exceptional quality healthcare experience for our patients.

Our goal at Gila Regional is to continually create an environment and hospital experience second to none. This means we must all, regardless of position or rank, take responsibility for ensuring that patients (and visitors) who come here have the most positive experience possible. We must excel in the performance of those things that have served to distinguish Gila Regional over the years: innovative, high quality services; unique, healing environment; Planetree philosophy of care; exceptional customer service; and patient and employee satisfaction.

Employee Programs


Each caregiver of Gila Regional, including service, support, ancillary, nursing, medical and administrative, attends a one-day orientation program prior to beginning work-related duties at the hospital. In addition to learning the GRMC mission, vision and values, new caregivers receive an in depth summary of items such as human resources, safety, standard precautions, HIPPA, legal issues, Meditech interface.

Star Award

The focus is on human beings caring for other human beings. This includes providing choices and personalized care for patients and families as well as creating an organizational culture that supports and nurtures staff.

Our caregivers receive regular recognition through the hospital's Star Award recognition program. This program has been developed by GRMC's Human Interaction Committee to recognize caregivers who model GRMC Values and Behavioral Standards. The purpose is to reward caregivers who consistently go above and beyond to improve patient/customer satisfaction.

When caregivers are nominated, they receive the ballot that has been filled out in their honor with one of GRMC's Values or Behavioral Standards indicated.

Professional Development

Gila Regional offers caregivers many opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Caregivers are encouraged to participate in organizational development paths like committees, nursing development programs, scholarship programs, succession planning program, education certification programs, and SWANK.

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