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Alice Hamm Memorial Scholarship

In July of 1979, the Alice Hamm Memorial Scholarship was established by the GRMC Auxiliary. The scholarship is designed to assist those individuals completing a R.N. program. In 1983, the program was extended to include LPN programs, and in 1984 was extended to other programs in health related fields.

  1. The recipient must:
    Be a resident of New Mexico
    Be currently enrolled in an accredited health care related program
    Maintain a 2.5 GPA average
    Assume responsibility for submitting grades at the end of each semester to the Human Resources Office at GRMC.
  2. The scholarship application shall include one each of an academic, business, and a personal reference. Preference will be given to applicants who express intent to work after graduation at GRMC if a position is available.
  3. There are no restrictions for the use of the money received. However, it is preferred that the money be used for tuition, books and/or laboratory fees.
  4. Any financial assistance is paid in the allotted amount of half for the first semester and the other half for the second semester, provided a 2.5 GPA is maintained. A successful candidate may reapply for a second year scholarship funding. Rejected candidates may also reapply.

Revised and approved on May 6, 2014

Sharye K. Hardesty, GRMC Foundation Chairman
Patsy Miller, GRMC Auxiliary Chair
(Scholarship Committee)