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The GRMC Hospitalist Program

The Hospitalist's Role

A Hospitalist is a physician who is a specialist in the care of hospitalized patients. The Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) Hospitalist Program was established in 2008 and provides 24-hour quality care.

Hospitalists have no offices or patients outside of the hospital. They are in the hospital 100 percent of their time, and may see patients multiple times during the day. Hospitalists can respond to urgent patient needs in minutes, and are available to order tests and view results in real time. They're also available at any time to discuss questions or concerns with the nursing staff.

How Does The Hospitalist Program Work?

The Hospitalist becomes involved in your care when you arrive at the hospital as a patient, either through your primary care physician's referral or through the emergency room. The Hospitalist works as a member of the team with your physician to coordinate the day-to-day treatment, tests, and recommendations needed during your stay. The details of your care are shared with your physician, you and your family.

This program reduces your length of stay in the hospital which, in turn, reduces your cost. In addition, Hospitalists help improve overall efficiency while ensuring you obtain the best care possible.

A Leader in the Hospitalist Field

GRMC contracts with ESS Hospitalist, LLC (ESSH) to provide the hospitalist program.Tsering Sherpa, M.D., hired by ESSH, is the Hospitalist Medical Director for GRMC. ESSH is a leader in the Hospitalist field and provides first rate, board certified physicians.

The hospitalist program is tailored to meet the specific needs of GRMC and the communities we serve.