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GRMC Maternal Child Services

At Gila Regional, it is our belief that childbirth is one of the most important life events, and we recognize the role of the family during this joyful time.

At Gila Regional Medical Center, we know pregnancy can be exciting ... and stressful. We're here to help you and your newborn stay healthy every step of the way. GRMCs Maternal Child Department provides outpatient and inpatient services to women during pregnancy, the labor and delivery process, and the immediate postpartum period. You and your newborn will benefit from:

  • Personalized labor and delivery care: During your stay. you receive care from a team of skilled and dedicated nurses. After delivery, our lactation consultants can help you as you get started with breastfeeding your newborn.
  • Rooming-In: Our family-centered approach supports the bonding of mothers and babies through "rooming-in," allowing you and your newborn to get to know each other. Because skin-to-skin contact and feeding on cue are so important to developing that special bond between mother and baby and for breastfeeding success, your newborn will remain with you throughout your stay. We also offer in-room accommodations for fathers or support persons and encourage them to be a part of your care.

The maternal child team consists of RNs and Perinatal Techs who have been specially trained to work in these areas. Our caregivers have an average of ten years of experience in low and high risk pregnancies and newborns.

Care for ill infants: Our Level 2 Nursery is staffed by doctors who specialize in assisting in advanced care for newborns. Our skilled and dedicated nurses are trained to provide continuous care and observation to newborns requiring special needs in a higher level of care nursery.

The GRMC Maternal Child Department phone number is (575) 538-4010.
Our Lactation Consultant can be contacted directly at (575) 538-4676..

Before Giving Birth...

  • Outpatient testing may be done in either the Labor/Delivery area, Ultrasound or the Laboratory.
  • Childbirth Education Classes are offered periodically. The classes offered are a 5 week series focusing on late pregnancy, and labor, birth, and breastfeeding preparation. Please call (575) 538-4194 for more information or to register for classes.
  • Individualized Lactation Visits are available prenatally.Call (575) 538-4876

At the Hospital...

  • Visitors in Labor and Delivery. We encourage family support while at Gila Regional, but please limit your visitors to two (2) at a time for the safety of both Mom and Baby during the birthing process in Labor and Delivery.
  • Family Waiting Room is available immediately outside of labor and delivery.
  • Individualized one-on-one education on caring for yourself and your baby will be provided by the Maternal Child Nurses and Lactation Consultants.

Once You are Home...

  • Mom & Baby Parenting and Breastfeeding Support is your chance to email questions, meet other Moms & babies, and share experiences.
  • Lactation Room is available to GRMC caregivers returning to work as well as to mothers of newborns who must remain in the hospital after mom is discharged.
  • RN Home Visits are available to all moms who reside in Grant County through the Beginning Years Program.
  • Lactation Services are available at Gila Regional Medical Center

Gila Regional is a designated
Baby-Friendly® Birthing Facility

By choosing our Baby-Friendly® facility for childbirth you will have the support of caregivers trained in best practices for infant care and feeding. Practices like skin-to-skin care after birth and rooming-in will support a one of a kind bond with your new son or daughter.

GRMC Baby-Friendly® Hospital Policy

CLICK HERE (In English and Spanish)

Baby-Friendly® Steps Fliers


Risks of Not Breastfeeding

CLICK HERE to Download the Information Sheet

Mom & Baby Support

Ask a lactation consultant a question

To e-mail us your questions and concerns CLICK HERE and one of our lactation consultants will reply.
E-mail questions are generally answered within 2 business days. When emailing questions, please include your county, phone number, and email.

Mom & Baby Support will:

  • Answer your breastfeeding-related questions or concerns
  • Refer you to a mother-baby gathering.
  • Refer you to a lactation consultant for more serious breastfeeding concerns

Attend a Group Meeting

For Information about gatherings and additional support Call (575) 538-4676 or send us an e-mail.

Gila Regional Medical Center lactation consultants are available by appointment.
If you need immediate assistance call (do not e-mail) (575) 538-4676 or (575) 538-4025.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 for immediate assistance.

Childbirth Classes (currently cancelled)

Childbirth Class: A series of 5 classes (including Breastfeeding Basics) begins every other month covering common pregnancy concerns, ways to prepare for labor and birth, what to expect of your new baby and postpartum (after birth) symptoms (for new moms and dads). You will learn coping strategies for labor such as relaxation techniques, comfort measures, breathing exercises, non-medication pain relief, as well as anesthesia options. A tour of maternal-child areas of the hospital is included.

Breastfeeding Basics: A class for anyone planning to breastfeed for the first time or wanting a refresher to help breastfeeding go well. You will learn about getting breastfeeding off to a good start, understanding normal newborn feeding behavior, and preventing or addressing common breastfeeding concerns. This class is part of the childbirth series or can be taken as an individual class for those interested in the breastfeeding information only.

6 Month Breastfeeding Celebration: Congratulations on your breastfeeding accomplishments! Get tips on benefits on continuing to breastfeed. Ask questions about teething, breastfeeding toddlers, and going back to work.

All classes are free and meet in the Conference Room at Gila Regional Medical Center.
We encourage support team members (expectant fathers, grandparents, aunts, good friends and/or doulas) to come to the classes!

Want more information or to register for classes? Call (575) 538-4194.

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