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Patient-Centered Care

Culture of Safety

Gila Regional Medical Center is committed to fostering a culture of safety - for patients, employees and visitors.

We work in a variety of ways to improve safety for our patients and employees in all our facilities, so we can deliver safe, high-quality patient care, and retain excellent staff.

Medication Safety

  • Download and carry a Personal Medical Information Card . The more your physicians know about the medications you are taking (especially for people who see multiple doctors), the better care they can provide. Some medications don't work well together, so by keeping this form with you at all times, health care providers can identify possible problems.

  • Gila Regional is committed to getting the right medication to the right patient. To ensure we take the correct action with the correct patient, we will ask you to tell us your name and birth date prior to tests and procedures. Similarly with medication dispensing the GRMC pharmacy utilizes the latest technology. Bar codes on your wrist band and your medication interface with the Pyxis 3500 Medstations. Pharmacists, physicians and nursing caregivers maintain active contact with the help of computerized medicine cabinets.

    • Patient Safety

      • Measurement tools that we use when we look at patient safety are the National Patient Safety Goals, a Safety Culture Score. In 2002, The Joint Commission announced the first National Patient Safety Goals. These goals are revised annually and focus on practices that help to ensure quality safe care for our patients. Each goal specifies one or more specific evidence-based practices that have been shown to decrease errors and to create a safer environment for our patients. 

        Gila Regional participates in a national survey AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ) Culture of Patient Safety Survey to tell us how our bedside caregivers rate our organization's patient safety environment. Leadership uses the results of the survey to determine actions which will increase patient safety for our patients.

      • Employee participation
        Employees' opinions and knowledge about safety determine actions, and those actions are what determine safety in our health care organizations.  We are committed to continually educating all of the employees and working in collaboration with them to ensure a culture that supports patient safety. 

      • Speak up!
        Your participation in safety can make a difference. Read more about the 'Speak Up' initiative at Gila Regional Medical Center. 
        (El 'Hablan' felled está también disponible en español.)

      Employee Safety

      • Training and Education  Providing a safe workplace is a priority for Gila Regional. All employees receive safety training and education during the new-hire orientation process. This training is reinforced on a continual basis with both general and job-specific education and by education, required annually.  The goal is that all employees have education and training in all aspects of their jobs, and have a thorough understanding of how to maintain and promote a safe work environment.
      • Regulatory Compliance GRMC works collaboratively with OSHA, The Joint Commission and other regulatory organizations to provide a high level of employee safety. To further foster a safe and healthy work environment, GRMC is committed to helping employees achieve their own optimal state of health.
      • Well Aware Employees of GRMC are eligible to participate in the Well Aware Program. The goal of the wellness program is to provide high quality education and support programs that empower employees to develop and maintain healthy life habits and practices.